When it comes time to make your house plans, there are many different home styles to choose from - semi detached homes, town houses, mansions, condos, apartments, suburban homes, and the ever popular bungalow. But unlike with most other types of home, the word bungalow can mean different things depending on where you're doing your house shopping. Let this article tell you more about the bungalows of North America and what you should expect from bungalow listings.

In most parts of North America, a bungalow is defined as a small one storey home. Many bungalows sport front porches (also known as verandas) and a second half storey that contains either a finished or unfinished attic space tucked underneath the slanted roof. Bungalows usually only have room for two or perhaps three bedrooms but are usually around 1400 square feet. These types of bungalows are suitable first homes for young families. They also make great retirement homes for people wishing to downsize and ideal living spaces for people with mobility problems, as they contain no interior stairs.

However, in other parts of North America, the word bungalow refers to a small vacation home, usually more along the lines of a cabin or a shack. Vacation bungalows are usually without central heating and furnished with castoffs donated by friends and relatives. They're a simple vacation retreat just outside of the city for the middle classes who have extra money but not enough for a properly equipped vacation home. This term is often employed in Eastern Canada and South Africa.

Therefore if your agent tells you she has found a bungalow listing for you, you would be well advised to find out what sort of bungalow it is before you get too excited. In Buffalo, New York, anything your realtor brings to you is likely going to be along the lines of a small home, not a vacation shack. There are even some developers in Buffalo who have been creating custom bungalows in the city for people who are having trouble finding what they want.

When it comes to bungalows, there are many different styles you might find. The original bungalows were colonial style dwellings designed for the hot climate of India, but in North America, the oldest bungalows are those that originated with the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1920s. Other types of bungalow include the 1.5 storey California bungalow, the brick Chicago bungalow, the gabled Milwaukee bungalow, and the chalet bungalow, which contains a second story loft.

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