Looking At Windows in Oshawa

When you're looking at various homes in Oshawa trying to decide on the one that's perfect for your family, you're probably looking mostly at the floor plan, the location, and the number of bedrooms, as these are the things that it's difficult (or impossible) to change about the house. But if it comes down to two similar houses and you're having trouble placing one above the other, you might want to look at the windows. Oshawa homes with quality windows have better heating efficiency, security, and lighting. A renovation of older windows will cost many thousands of dollars, therefore it's always better to choose a home with windows that are already updated.

One of the things you should look for in windows is drafts. If you stand near the window, do you feel a breeze? Is it noticeably warmer or colder near the window? Even if you don't feel anything, you might still have a draft. Holding a candle to near the window seals and watching its flame can tell you whether air is escaping - a flickering flame is a sure sign of a drafty window.

Another thing you want to watch out for is windows that are not secure. Older windows with simple clasps are easy to jimmy, even from the outside, which can mean that your home is an open invitation to clever burglars unless you want to invest in an alarm system. You can test the security of the windows by trying to open them with the latch on. If they will open, you have a problem.

Function is also important in a window. Older windows that have been painted and repainted are often hard to open, which is not only annoying, it can also be a fire hazard. Windows that are no longer able to hold themselves open are also a danger to small fingers and heads, so watch out for this if you have kids or pets.

And finally - light quality. Older windows that are not as well sealed may be cloudy or have moisture trapped between the panes that hinders your ability to see out of them. In addition to blocking the view, these issues also affect your indoor light quality.

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