New Windows and Doors

Many houses in Oshawa are older, which means that even if they've been partially renovated by their previous owners, you will probably have some improvements to make after you move in. One of the more common renovations needed is new windows and doors. If you're wondering whether the older windows in your home are sufficient or if you should invest in newer replacements, this guide will illustrate some good reasons to replace your windows and doors. Oshawa homes that meet one or more of these criteria should probably have a window and door makeover.

Heating Inefficiency

Your windows might seem fine to you, but if you look at your heating and cooling bill and find that it seems high, you might have a problem with drafts. Older windows and doors are often single paned and over time the caulking and seals wear away so that outside air leaks in. This will make your home too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, especially in rooms such as the entryway and the sunroom, where there are a lot of openings.

Unreliable Functioning

If you have to wrestle with your windows or doors to get them to open or watch your fingers lest they snap themselves closed without warning, it may be time to get new windows and doors. Windows and doors are designed to open easily and remain in place until you close them, but over the years the weights that balance windows inside the frame may come loose or repeated repainting may have gummed up the tracks. On the other hand if screens and or door locks are the problem, they can be easily replaced without a whole renovation.


Crime has risen in Oshawa over the years and it's now necessary to have sturdy windows and doors with solid locks to prevent burglaries. Older windows can sometimes be jimmied open from the outside and older doors, especially if they are hollow, are vulnerable to thieves simply removing them from their frames. Have a security expert look at your windows and doors to see if they're secure enough or if you need more tamper proof modern replacements.

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