Stoney Creek Air Conditioning

Canada is known internationally as a land of ice and snow, but as you may already know if you live in the southern prairie region or in the Toronto area, summers in Canada can be very hot and stuffy. To avoid being roasted alive by the oceans of concrete and asphalt in some of Canada's larger cities, many people turn to companies like Stoney Creek air conditioning to install in-home air conditioning systems. However, if you've ever looked at your power bill during an air conditioning heavy month, you know it's not cheap. Here are some ideas for reducing your air conditioning bill.

Most of the heat buildup in Stoney Creek homes during hot summer days comes from greenhouse effect - the sun shines through windows and skylights and the heat gets trapped inside. To reduce your interior daytime temperature by several degrees, close all of your drapes and blinds, especially when the sun is on that side of the house. The heavier the drapery, the cooler your house will be. Shade trees planted strategically on the lawn will also help block some of the sun from getting to your home.

Sleeping during hot nights can be tough in Stoney Creek, so it's hard to dispense with using air conditioning then. However, why cool your home when you're away at work? Use a timer to make sure the air con stays off until just before you're due to arrive home, allowing you to come home to a cool house without running your cooling system all day. Making sure your home is insulated and sleeping on the lower floors (especially in the basement) will also help retain your home's coolness for longer without turning up the AC. If you haven't yet built your home, it will also help to use cooler materials such as stone and brick in the construction.

Other things that will help reduce the power drain on your air conditioning is to make sure the unit you buy is efficient - look for the energy star label - and that your doors and windows stay shut while the unit is running.

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